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UConnect - What Phones do Verizon Users Have?

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Hey Guys,

Are there any Verizon wireless subscribers out there using the bluetooth function on our 300? What phone do you use?

I talked to a guy at the Verizon booth and he said that his recommendation for choosing a phone would be to start with finding which ones are supported by our Bluetooth. Supposedly, Verizon in their infinite wisdom, decided to limit the connectibility of their phones to Bluetooth devices.

Anyone hear the same? Any experiences with this... guidance?

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Go with the new e815. It's basically an updated v710. Works great with uConnect.
DrumGuy said:

Do you have an e815? Does it show battery life, signal strength and phone book etc? Basically, do all the functions work? Oh yeah... It is Verizon Right?
I don't have the Nav unit so I can't tell you. But it works great with my uConnect. Also there is a hack out there to enable OBEX. Now uConnect does not take advantage of this but say your wifes car does then all your contacts should work right off the phone thru the hands free.

They are actually going to be phasing out the 710 eventually. I got the 710 and heard about the 815 coming out so I returned it. I have used both and both worked equally well.

For more indepth on the 710 check out

and for all info about phones and carriers(great site)
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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