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Uhh, Scratches, will it buff out and how?

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I hit a metal bar on the freeway yesterday, didn't see it until I ran it over. After a Jan 1, 2005 pickup date, this was the longest I have owned a new car without a single scratch. The streak is now over.

Anyway, there are several scratches, all about 3 inches long, ranging from what look like clearcoat depth to one where the undercoat can be seen, can't tell if it's down to bare metal. They are very narrow, though, like what a knifle blade would do.

Will any/all of this come out/buff out/etc?

What's the best aproach?
Touch up?
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FWIW I really like GS27 for scratches that are not deep. I have used the same tube for years on several cars with very good results.
The paintless dent guys work wonders. I can not say for sure how the GS27 works,for most superficial scratches it works great and where I have used it the scratch does not come back leading me to believe it's more than a cover up filler. There are certainly several scratches it has not worked on , most recently the 05 Odyssey right front lower valence :mad: that my wife has no idea how it got there :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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