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Uhh, Scratches, will it buff out and how?

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I hit a metal bar on the freeway yesterday, didn't see it until I ran it over. After a Jan 1, 2005 pickup date, this was the longest I have owned a new car without a single scratch. The streak is now over.

Anyway, there are several scratches, all about 3 inches long, ranging from what look like clearcoat depth to one where the undercoat can be seen, can't tell if it's down to bare metal. They are very narrow, though, like what a knifle blade would do.

Will any/all of this come out/buff out/etc?

What's the best aproach?
Touch up?
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I've used my random orbital (RO) Porter Cable 7336 with Edge 2000 pads especially made for paint to remove minor scratches that my son puts on my car as he moves his bike in and out of the garage. I used PoorBoys SSR2.5 and followed it up with Poorboys SSR1 and it removed the scratches that cannot be felt with the fingernail.

A RO polisher is a wonderful tool for the novice (which was me before I got the C). You can't really damage the paint unless you drop it on the car. It's not like a rotory that will burn the paint if you are not careful.
If you are seeing scratches in the clearcoat that can not be felt with a fingernail, the most likely cause is the washing technique. It can be caused by a car wash or towels that are not paint friendly. I have used my orbital buffer with the appropriate pads to remove these types of scratches. In fact, my bro-in-law used a scrubby sponge to remove some love bugs on his Denali and I was able to get some pretty bad marks out for him. Saved him some bucks from getting it professionally removed. A good detailer can remove these types of scratches no problem.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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