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Hello everyone. Love this site and the useful info all the members give. I am on a budget wanting to start upgrades. I have just purchased an 07 300C 5.7 hemi 114k miles. My first hemi and I love it. I already upgraded to a K&N air filter and removed the bulky plastic box behind the bumper it was trying to breathe through, what a poor design on that.
1: I'm going to start upgrades and wanting to replace my coil packs and plugs. What would you all suggest I use? Read a few forums that aftermarket ones can mess up the motor causing it to stall out and shut down.
2: The belly pan cover is missing, does this need to be on or is it ok without it? Researching this seems to show a 50/50 result. Can I get an metal one or just plastic?
3: Car seems to level out at 130 mph, won't go faster. Speedometer says 160, by God it better do it. Yes, I'm a speed junky. I'm guessing I need a tuner to fix this issue. Looking at the DiabloSport inTune i2 Programmer. My current 0-60 time is 6.34 sec. Used the timer in the "hidden menu".

Also have a brake issue. Factory brakes just don't seem bulky enough to stop this beast. At high speeds over 50mph. When I hit the brakes I get a bad shimmy, from what seems to be on drivers front. Slow speeds it does not do this, so I doubt rotor is warped. Is it possible to have bad areas were brake pads cooked to the rotor from hard braking. It has brown spots on it, like it's been over heated. Should I have the rotor turned or just replace them. If I replace them whats the difference between drilled, slotted and drilled/slotted. Was told slotted would be just fine with good ceramic pads using factory calipers.
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