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Value of an 08 300c 5.7 hemi

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New to these cars & was going to look at 08 300c with 98000. Car is from Kentucky suppose to not any rust. It's in ohio now. Was asking $6000. Could use advice about these. Thanks in advance
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The only down side I for that year is the heads, from 2005-2008 the 5.7 had the non eagle heads, they have an issue that could potentially destroy the engine. The problem itself is the valve seat drop, then the piston will start smacking the valve, damaging the heads, pistons or even the block. Swapping the heads to the eagle heads that came in 2009 and later will solve the problem. The previous owner did many upgrades, you should look for that or ask him if he/she knows anything about it.
That dropped valve seat issue was predominately with the 05-06's and a few 07's. I've never heard of an 08 dropping a valve seat. Chrysler finally wised up and fixed the problem.....inadequate press clearance between the aluminum head and the steel valve seat. Also, on the early ones, it was the intakes that failed the most and many were right after an overheat.
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