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Vehicle Maintenance schedule

I was asked to post a routine schedule for vehicles to keep them in like new condition.
I suggest washing your car at least once a week, more often if necessary. Hand washes are better, be aware that any facility with a garage, water, and a bucket can do hand washes. Watch how they do them, are they using the same towels on different cars? Do they pro soak the car before washing? Improper washing and drying is when swirls are most often introduced to a finish. Automatic washes use strong alkalines and acids to remove dirt; the problem is that they also remove your protective layer of wax/ sealant as well. As always, doing it yourself is better, however these are some things to consider before frequenting a wash facility.
A complete detail should be done twice a year, that includes a hand wash/ clay bar/ wash again to remove clay residue/ deep clean to remove contaminants “IN” the finish/ hand polish to improve shine/ Hand glaze (optional) to bring depth, reflectivity, and slickness to the finish, final application of a sealant, (optional) top with a carnauba.
In-between complete details, and after you wash, you should use something like my poly spray to “renew” or “refresh” the sealant already on the car. By doing this you will keep the finish looking its absolute best. ALWAYS, use a quality micro fiber towel.
For more information or to ask question about any application, visit my web site.
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