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Volant Intakes Hit Ebay! ($259.99)

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guess we dont need a group buy anymore then
well i agree with supporting the website... but also agree this is a free forum, about ANYTHING having to do with the 300.... and ebay also have these parts as well, some of the prices might be better, and for some of the people that need that extra few bucks off, there completely entitled to check out ebay... and i was just mentioning the fact that they are now on there...

p.s. although if your still offering that price you were earlier (shipped) can you do that for an individual order? cuz ill buy one right now..
415_300C said:
LAIDBACKC, its free for YOU, but many people help pay to keep this site running... like vendors ;) so instead of saving the 5 bux, give it to a vendor who has given much more than 5 bux to help make this site FREE FOR YOU...

i reiterate what ive already said... this forum is dedicated to anything having to do with the C.... if theres products on ebay... then ebay falls in the category of this site... and people are ENTITLED to at least have the knowledge, and be able to discuss it...
i completely understand where your coming from, and i support the site as well... but i still stand at the same place... everyone on this forum has the right to look at other options as well.... and without being criticized for it... i understand that by me posting an ebay auction (that even isnt mine) competes with you making money.... but then again thats business, its competition... thats the market place... and considering ebay is one of the IF NOT THE biggest market place on the net... we would be stupid to not at least "consider" it.... im all for supporting this website... but if im gonna save a lot of money on a big purchase, buying through ebay, effects my personal budget and might be the only way i can get a certain product... then im gonna do it... if its a few extra bucks and it supports the site then of course im all for it... but i must consider my own budget, as like everyone else on here... and i am forced to look at alternative options, and this being an open discussion forum and a free country it is completely okay for me to share new found deals with my fellow forum members, (without being critized for it) whther it directly competes with you or not.... no offense WHATSOEVER to you or your company or this site... hell im prolly gonna buy the volant intake off of you... cuz of your price... but i make my statement ..
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i also was unaware of tybyrnes price... it was just an innocent thread to spread some news that i found...geeeeez.
ill never post anything about ebay again.... im sorry to all
What is the Tybyrne's Price on the Volant Intake and Borla Exhaust, I need to acquire these two things before my 22s get here....
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