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Volant Intakes Hit Ebay! ($259.99)

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I was in on the first GB from TByrne - HIGHLY recommend this intake, and it's a good idea to support our forum vendors.
jjs - if you saw a dyno sheet for a product that said 15hp gain, but after install you couldn't hear or feel the difference of the product, would you be happy because the dyno sheet says it works and you now have 10 more hp?

We are talking maybe 15hp for CAI. If gains claimed were 50hp, my answer may be different, but for the nominal gains of a CAI? Personally, I could care less about 10 or 15 extra hp. The car is more responsive, pulls harder, get's a little better mpg, and it sounds AWESOME! Are these the results from my own "butt dyno"? YES!! And that's all that matters! Best $260 I've spent on the car so far.
The only thing I can do with a dyno sheet is post them on my dash and stare at them while driving - or post them on the net for bench racing....

You can wait all you want for a dyno sheet proving it makes 10hp on a particular vehicle, but your own butt dyno will tell you a whole lot more than a real dyno sheet proving 10hp ..... :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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