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Volant Intakes Hit Ebay! ($259.99)

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NUJOYZ59 said:
Hey everyone, First thing....My name is not Tony! I bought my Volant Intake from a guy named Tony at Socal Motorsports. There :p I think everyone should shop around for the best deal, but I also believe that if the company you buy from knows their way around performance parts stay with them. It may very well be worth the extra $$$$. Anyway, I bought this intake for $259.99 which included shipping. I had to, hate to, pay California sales tax but oh well. My point is that if you talk to Socal Motorsports, rather than going through their Ebay page you should be able to talk them into free shipping. I did. Waiting, Waiting Waiting. Should be here anyday.
At that price plus CA tax you paid more than if you'd bought from Tbyrne, so I guess I DON'T get your point... :confused:

I just ordered mine from Tbyrne and feel good about the pricing, tech advice if needed and supporting my favorite website in the whole wide world! :D
i also was unaware of tybyrnes price... it was just an innocent thread to spread some news that i found...geeeeez.
Hey LAIDBACK, try to stay that way, k? ...Nobody is getting on you for sharing info, just sharing their opinions. It's all good my friend! ;) :)
II kings 9:20 said:
I have been AWOL for 5 days in Wash DC, I am also a tbyrne buyer with the Volant on order and soon to be Borla (I think). I agree fully with supporting the people who support this site (us).
THAT explains it!! Next time let someone know you're gonna be gone... we were worried! Here's a little something you missed... :)
(not meaning to hijack...)
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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