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Wants 3k over sticker for getting car from ...

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My dealer found a car , magsrt8, been sitting at dealorship since July 14, they want 3 k over sticker to go get it, I want to negotiate extended warranty, 7/70 plan or better how much do these plans cost. Or Should I just wait it out
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glhs837 said:
Man, not far from me, zip 20634, theres a Mag SRT 8 with no markup at all. Even @ 15 mpg, you save a bunch buying and driving it yourself.
I think I know what dealor your talking about , has 3 coming in just none have the package or color I was waiting for, pm me with more info if you have it. If I wait I can get it at msrp from my dealor but they have no clue when they will get allocation for one. In may it was 6 months but I dont think so.
steve88 said:
wanting to unload it? I don't think these cars will ever just sit on dealer lots. If you wait you might never get one. I believe once the chargers come out (Sept 9) and the Grand cherokee's (Nov) then I can see 300 SRT8's going for MSRP. The SRT lineup is so exicting that demand will always be there.
After checking with a md dealor they have a Red one, again just waiting for a good home, been there 10 days, never test driven.

This goes without saying it just plain sucks when people order them and cannot get one, and multiple dealors have them due to allocation, but they are sitting waiting to be sold. :nutkick: I guess it would stupid to give the ordered cars out first.
Well my dealor wont throw in the warranty, so I found 2 myself within driving distance 1 to 3 hours depending which one, both with kickerand nav and heated seats. All season tires on both I ordered performance tires but that is minor to change my self. I informed them of this and now they are looking to see if one that is in D status, that another guy orderd, and may back out of, try to let me have that one. So now its wait to see if the other guy wants it or just go for a ride.

So lighting a fire under your salesman does seem to make things happen. They must be making a ton at msrp sales. :nutkick:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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