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So I bought a built 06 SRT8 and im having strange electrical problems, the car will start up and drive for about 7 miles then it will stall but it starts back up everytime. When I bought it the engine light was on and the guy told me it was because no oxygen sensors, I read the codes and there was only oxygen sensors and headlight codes so i put it all new oxygen sensors but it doesn't fix the problem then one day when it stalled this time it flashed the engine light so I take a look and all these codes came at the same time
Lost communication with ecm/pcm
Heater control circuit high voltage
Lost communication with steering angle sensor module
Abs detects low voltage at steering angle sensor and I'm getting no power to the front control module fuse. I'm thinking it's either the ECM or TIPM, but I'm worried it's neither and something really elusive. Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas? I'm worried the guy who bored it out messed up the wiring completely. Any help is greatly appreciated
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