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thank you thank you....i made it. My name is Luis, started working for intro wheels for a bout 2 months now, they have me on special assignment for these new luxury 3 piece forged wheels. Now for those that do not want to wait for pictures, here they are:

the Vulcan

the Solid

the X-ACT

the Pristine

the Supreme

these are just some of the wheels, there are more on our website and more designs on their way.

We offer wheels for everyone, we start from 18 inch wheels all the up to 26, as well as custom offsets from an 18x7 to 20x16 to 26x11. We also offer our unique Velvet Finish on our wheels.
Wheel face and lip can be custom ordered in a variety of colors and finish combinations:
brushed metal
matte colors
satin gun metal&
OEM paint matched.

please feel free to contact us regarding any orders or questions, either by phone 714-229-9696 for pricing as well.
***We also do international orders and shipping******
1 - 5 of 5 Posts