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I suggested to ekool & the gang (pun intented) that we start a new section for Frequently asked questions and Tech posts. With all the knowledge we all hidden in our brains that is scattered throughout the forum, we could answer many questions that get asked on a consistent basis here and cut back on "search the forum" comments.

He set it up for us last night and I'll be moderating the secton and playing librarian. I could use all of your help contributing to the FAQs and Tech posts, because I am most likely going to be missing quite a few things while putting some of these together.

That said, lets get some brainstorming on FAQs that need to be written. Here are a few I've thought were needed for a while now:

Dealer Negotiation during Purchasing FAQ
Exhaust System FAQ with links to audio clips/pix
Sirius FAQ
Navigation FAQ
HID upgrade FAQ
Ride quality with 22/20" FAQ
Wheel upgrade FAQ with Gallery of everyones cars, wheel setup
Suspension FAQ
Audio Upgrade FAQ
Grill FAQ
Spoiler FAQ
Navigation Install Tech
Sirius Install Tech
Speaker upgrade tech
Sound deadening tech

Quite a few of these I am ready to start putting together, I just need to sort through all the congolomerate posts that contain gobs of information, like the navigation system post for instance (10 pages long I think).

Toss some suggestions out there. Any volunteers willing to write FAQS/Tech posts would be greatly appreciated. Things like Aspendog's Lower grill mod would make for an excellent Tech Post. I would also like to see people document their DYI mods, like Grill installs, and Borla installs. These types of tech posts become great assets to the community at large.

I was thinking the format for the posts should be as follows.
Tech posts should have the subject "Tech: Dash Speaker Install" or "Tech: DYI Lower Mesh Grills"

FAQs will contain stuff like the following:
What size are the speakers in the dash? Who makes Aftermarket replacements
The dash speakers are 3.5" and not limited by depth. Reputable aftermarket replacements include Eclipse, JL Audio, Diamond Audio, and MB Quart. Avoid Infinity because the tweeter mount sits too high for the speaker grill to fit properly.

Any suggestions you guys and gals have would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Celebration time! (more pun intended). A well organized FAQ section is badly needed. Searching the forum still forces people to sift through a lot of info sometimes to find that nugget of good info.

Thanks in advance for stepping up to take this on. This could well be the most popular new area of the forums. Thanks Rogue.

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Thanks rogue. I think this could turn out to be my favorite board on the site.

As fas as FAQ's, how about these:

Right-Pull FAQ
Dealer Service FAQ
Detailing FAQ

Just some ideas, but you may have already incorporated them into other headings.
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