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What is (VES) Vehicle Entertainment System

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I was looking in my nav guide and found VEC as an option and was wondering if any one Knew what it was or what it will do. It appears to be an add on DVD player, but I really dont know. :confused:
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Yeah, I saw the same thing and was curious at the time, but couldn't really find any info.

I got my 300C a week ago and a good friend was impressed enough with the HEMI that he just bought a loaded Durango Limited. And it has the VES (Video Enteratainment System, I think), which is the rear seat DVD player. It really works pretty nice. My assumption is that one of these could tap into the head unit on the 300C in the same way (but no, you won't be able to watch DVD's on the NAV screen).

I'm planning on asking my dealer if they can install one of these in my 300C. I'll keep you posted.

Their will be a rear seat video system from the factory available this fall. That is what the VEC stands for. I don't have any details as of yet but as soon as I do I will post them.
I thought it was vehical entertainment system ie the sound system, but if they have a rear seat video system planned, maybe I should wait on mine.
the dealership where i bought my car at was installing aftermarket dvd players in the c. They put the player in the console glove compartment, and monitors in the back of both front seats.
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