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what stock sound system do I have?

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Hey all, I bought a 2005 300c used form the dealer with 8k on it and when I bought it it had all the features plus options I wanted on it, including the sound system. Until today I noticed I don't have a center channel speaker, and no rear deck sub. The option lists says the car has the 368watt amplifier. SO do I even have boston acoustics speakers or are they the chrysler brand. And is there any way of upgrading to the ba speakers now? The car has a ton of bass coming from the front doors but very little from the back.
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Don't the BA cars have a BA badge on the inside of mirror sails at the top of the door panel?
djjasond said:
I also found them to be 368 highly exaggerated watts.
I'm confident that if lightning hit your car, 368 watts would be dissipated acorss the speaker voice coils - for about 10 femtoseconds.
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