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what stock sound system do I have?

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Hey all, I bought a 2005 300c used form the dealer with 8k on it and when I bought it it had all the features plus options I wanted on it, including the sound system. Until today I noticed I don't have a center channel speaker, and no rear deck sub. The option lists says the car has the 368watt amplifier. SO do I even have boston acoustics speakers or are they the chrysler brand. And is there any way of upgrading to the ba speakers now? The car has a ton of bass coming from the front doors but very little from the back.
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djjasond said:
Sounds like you have the 6 speaker set up....

Taken from the Audio FAQ:

The only thing thatbugs me is that I got a option sheet printed out for my car that states every last option / feature by code. and in it it has the code and labels it as 368watt amplifier. the code is RDFP. The 6 speaker boston setup should have the 288watt amp not 368 right?
Why does mine have the 368 or so it says?
One other quick question, do I have the same boston acoustic speakers as in the sg2 pkg? besides the subwoofer the speakers are all the same right?
Well today I checked to see if I had a sub, and lo and behold there it was. Sounds like crap thou. Becasue I coul;d not even tell that it was working until I touched it. And I do have a center channel and its working too. but I don't have the boston acoustics label on the mirror sails, which is why I posted this topic to begin with. Like someone said earlier if you have the ba7 then the car should have the ba badges on the mirror sails and mine didn't. But all is good, but definitly gona have to do something about that sub! Wonder why my car doesn't have the badges?
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