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Wheel Question? I Need Help??

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I was looking at the site and I clicked Chrysler 2005, Then i Clicked 300C, and on step 4 there asking me { Step 4 of 5 Select the original factory tire/wheel size that came with your vehicle.} Anybody know what the original Factory Tire/Wheel Sizes Are? I put in this one - 18"

I think thats the right one that comes standard on the 300c, After i clicked that 1 it brings me to step 5 and i put in what size i want to buy im thinking either 19 or 20, THEN after that it has a current front and rear for my car which already has 255/45R19 You Can Change it so is this right or do i change it??
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I think that you need to change it to the size of wheel/tire combination that you want or expect to change your car over to. If you want to go to 20's then select that, if it's 22's you want, then select that.
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