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Where can i get the deep dish grill?

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Does anybody know where I can get the deep dish grill I saw a pic of it online and i was wondering if anyone knew where I could get it.
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good luck though i have sent many pm's and emails to tommyz with no response what so ever. i have been dying to get one of his grilles on my beauty
thank you for the apology. i am very interested in your new 5" grille. i just needed to know what the cost would be and what i need to go about ordering one. any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. thursday the 19th was my birthday so i now have the money needed. i think one of your grilles will look so sweet on my satin jade beauty. thanks in advance. you can pm me or just send the info directly to my email: [email protected]

urbanchemist :wave:
i am guessing the 5" is the new style. i like the not so deep style. lol if that makes sense. once again any info would be greatly appreciated. the grille is the one thing my baby is missing right now :smoker:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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