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where is radio antenna in the back window?

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Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but since my tint is blocking my AM reception, I am thinking of having my tint installer cut away a small portion of the tint on the back window to allow reception. Does anyone know exactly which of the embedded wires are defrost and which are radio? Or where I might find a diagram of this?

I must be getting old to want to listen to AM radio. I remember a time in my life when I was still cool, and listened to FM... :smoker:
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You are crazy if you do this. It will most likely look terrible and you also run the risk of your tinter cutting your back window when he is trying to accomodate your "special" request.

However, if you must know, the radio antenna is the grouping of wires near the top of the backglass.

Your best option is to suck it up and simply have the tint "replaced" with a NON-METALLIC type as suggested before. Or you could add a XM or SIRIUS antenna - is Rush Limbaugh on Satellite?? I dunno - personally, can't stand the prick. :)

Good luck!

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