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where is radio antenna in the back window?

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Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but since my tint is blocking my AM reception, I am thinking of having my tint installer cut away a small portion of the tint on the back window to allow reception. Does anyone know exactly which of the embedded wires are defrost and which are radio? Or where I might find a diagram of this?

I must be getting old to want to listen to AM radio. I remember a time in my life when I was still cool, and listened to FM... :smoker:
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GeoHazard said:
Yeah, you're probably right about messing with cutting the tint. I thought that maybe there was a small rectangle or wires that served as the antenna that could have been uncovered. Ceramic it will be...

That Rush Limbaugh is just too liberal for my tastes.... :silly:
The antenna is embedded throughout the entire window unfortunately.... I've lost my FM reception too, but could care less. :silly:

Go ceramic.
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