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Whistling sound w/ new stereo install

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Anyone know what the sound is when you have your foot on the gas pedal and you can hear a "whistling" noise through the speakers? I just hooked up a stereo/speakers/amp, if that helps.
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My guess is that your levels aren't matched properly. There is a certain level when the output of the deck and the input of the amp needs to be matched.
If not, you get a whine because the input voltage isn't enough for the amp.
Most people crank their gains on their amps to satisfy volume needs. However, this is not the correct way to do this.
We use a sign-wave generator at our shops so you can see when the wave starts to "square" and thereby match it.
If when you turn down your gains a little the noise goes away but you don't have enough volume. IMO you need a better amp.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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