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I'm getting significant white exhaust smoke (the warmer the engine the more the smoke) when the engine goes from fuel saver mode to full displacement.
I've just completed changing piston and rings in cylinder #6 after a Multiple Displacement Solenoid (MDS) failure due to mechanic using the wrong grade of engine oil. Apparently the failure caused overheating which resulted in piston failure damaging the piston and marring the surface of the cylinder. I was able to hone the cylinder back to spec and replace the head, head gasket, piston and rings, spark plugs and coils, along with the oilpan gasket, PCV, EGR gaskets and all four MDS's. We also changed out both catalytic converters.

It'll let out a puff of exhaust smoke upon starting when warm but not when cold. It doesn't smoke at all while running except as described above.

I've been told it could be a computer issue such as a malfunction not fully shutting down the fuel flow to the inactive cylinders when in fuel saver mode.

I'm getting no other indications and in fact the car runs better than it has in years but the smoke is way unacceptable and the smell is pretty bad - even in the passenger compartment.

I'm hoping someone who has dealt with this problem reads this and can tell me how to proceed with a fix.
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