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I added a Power Sports Designs wicker bill to my 300C. Except, they don't make one for the 2007 300C, They sell one for a 300C SRT8. That's the one I bought. Got it for $112 from Amazon. I searched all of the forums and the entire internet or
, so I thought, on how to install one on a 2007 300C, and luckily came across this video.
It helped a lot and gave me some caution and ideas as well. I changed the bolts out that came from PS Designs to shorter bolts, and used washers and nuts instead of the Riv-Nuts, which gave it a cleaner look. No bolt cutting etc. Then I drilled 6 holes in the trunk through the lip spoiler to give it even more stability and strength. I added rubber washers and all weather silicone sealer to keep water from rusting the holes in the trunk. Instead of screws, I pilot hole drilled the holes in the main wicker bill, then made them larger and counter sunk them to accomodate short bolts, washers and nuts through the lip spoiler for even more rigidity and strength. All of my hardware I substituted was flat black. Gives it a cleaner look. Hope this helps anyone else with a 300C that's looking to install a wicker bill with only the lip spoiler.

NOTE!!! This is for the 2005-2010 300C.


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