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Wide Body Kit?

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I know the car is wide enough, but i think even a wide(r) body kit would look insane on the car. or any sort of kit to make the wheel fenders larger. anyone know if theres any hopes of production for this?
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As far as that kit goes...i like it for the magnum , it looks like its about 3" lower than the front bumper though ,i know aspendog and myself know first hand that front chin spoiler would be gone in about a day or its way to low..even being careful , thats why we raised mine up about 2 " its only about 1" lower than the stock front clip...

just a tip for you guys looking into body kits and what not...i totally didnt think about the wife going up on the curb at the local kroger...or running it through the car wash better yet ......ey !

just something to keep in mind, i dont know any specs on the vip or the jt kits..., maybe you guys could post some specs of the lower dams..
another quick idear.....the dodge magnum rocker panels are a direct bolt on to the 300...the 300 rocker has a 90 degree kut basically and the magnum has a 45 to 60 it will give you guys with the SRT a different looking rocker ...or if someone wanted they could put just a front chin from any aftermarket company and then modify the rockers themselves it would give you a new look without any modification....just a thought...
i hear ya , ill work on it , although right now i am wokring on a bunch of SEMA related renderings so i dont have the time right this second...ill post it this weekend for you..the limited edition grill is about 2 weeks out from shipping

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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