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Wild thing, I think I love you


Great article on front page of Montreal Gazette's driving section today by Graeme Fletcher for Canwest news service.
It begins with "The new Dodge Challenger can only be described as sex on wheels"
He gushes on for quite a while before summing it up with,
"The Challenger is the sort of car that makes one's mouth water. Over and above it's drop-dead gorgeous looks and mechanical wherewithal, it has the ability to get non-automotive-minded people drooling. It's a rare blend that will see the car become an instant and treasured collectable. Thirty years from now, the Dodge Challenger will still be dropping jaws."
Congrats to all present and future Challenger owners, it looks like a homerun for Dodge!
'09 SRT on order!

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I like the Challenger because it was a very "what if" car, and there's basically not a single fad-induced styling trend on that car. Seriously, I think it's very much like the rest of the LXes, in 10 years they'll still look like what they are, because they didn't pick up on styling trends that are common today (except maybe the wheel wells).
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