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Window Tint

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OK its time to tint.
? is,
Color=Magnesium Pearl
I'm thinking of using the mirror style tint, with the factory chrome trim, I think it might look good.
What do you guys & gals think??
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Sorry top hijack, but just wanted to know where you saw the wheel well chrome kit.
Does it look good, or is it as ugly as the "Would you buy these" thread?

zenhog said:
I have a magnesium colored car myself and here my 2 cents.

I don't think the current chrome trim set looks as good on magnesium as well as it does on darker colors, esp since there is so much more chrome on the top half of the car. Now that I see there are wheel well chrome trim kits I think that would bring more balance to the chrome on the car. On the other hand I think the mirror tint would look better on our color than on black, actually.

Pls post pics of what you do - I'm curious how that mirror trim would look if you go that way.
Im gonna take a look at it now and see how it looks.
After looking, i thought it was soemthing else.
I thought that it was a chrome trim that goes in the wheel well and covers the skirt, i didnt know it was that chrome trim that goes just over the tire.
Thanx, now back to the original thread.

zenhog said:
So far I've seen two. The first is a sponsor of this place - Avon wheels. That kit did not span the entire well area - only about half and it as around $75.

I can't remember where I saw the other but it had a piece that ran the entire circumfrence of the well opening. If I remember where I saw it I'll post again.

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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