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Window Tint

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OK its time to tint.
? is,
Color=Magnesium Pearl
I'm thinking of using the mirror style tint, with the factory chrome trim, I think it might look good.
What do you guys & gals think??
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Your choices with window tint are cheap dyed film, which is the stuff that turns purple after a few years, or a metalic film, which will interfere with radio, cell phone, Nav reception, or ceramic film, which is expensive but has terrific performance.

There is really only one ceramic film - "Pinnacle" by Formula One. It's hard to find, but it won't interfere with reception and it has better numbers that even metalic films. My 300C cost me $300 to have done with this, and I eventually had to contact Formula One directly and the shipped the film to a dealer just for my car. Same story with a friend of mine - "Brewdude" on the board.

Don't let anyone talk you into Huper Optik. It is a ceramic film, but it's an architectual film - for buildings, not cars. It doesn't shrink when heated, so it can't be formed to curves. There are unscrupulous Huper dealers that lie and install Huper on the side windows, but then put dyed tint on the rear window. If your installed is ethical and actually installs Huper on the rear window, it will have darts and not be in a single piece.

The pic below is of my cool vanilla, tinted with 35% Pinnacle for the front and 50% for the rear.


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