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Brought the car to the dealer with the following list to be fixed:
1. Windshield pops- gave him the tsb#
2. Front tires warn on outer edges
3. Pitted wheel rims
4. Sun roof shade rattles (2nd time for this, the first time they said they couldn't hear it)
At the end of the day they called and said that:
1. They did the fix for the popping noise
2. Aligned the front end
3. Took pictures of the wheels to show to the DC rep for a decision on the correction process
4. Found the rattle and said the track was bent. They ordered a new part to replace it
Ok I was happy ,2 problems fixed, and 2 in the works. Picked up the car and drove home. On the way I hit a bumpy road and the occasional poping noise had turned into a rattle with every bump! Now I'm worried if they take the headliner out to fix the sun shade will they do more damage the its worth!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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