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Windshield repair

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It's hard to believe my windshield is damaged. All the years I have been driving and I have never been the victim of a cracked or chipped windshield until now. I've only had my C three months and there are four places that are chipped...all are very small, rough places...only one looks like it might have the beginning of a "runner". On a road trip some gravel (or whatever) was (I guess) launched from some trucks onto my car. The trucks were not aggregate trucks; but, "regular" tractor trailers. I think it was debris on the road that they kicked was like a metorite was so loud I am surprised there wasn't more obvious damage.

Does anyone have experience repairing windshields? I seem to remember reading or listening to the radio about repairs that are now commonly made.

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I actually had a small nick in my windshield upon delivery of my car...centered just below the driver's line-of-sight. We determined that it had probably occurred enroute from the stocking dealer to my delivering dealer (via a 'dealer trade'). My dealer sent a mobile glass company out to my home and the tech tried to polish it out; however, it really didn't look any better after he had finished. Although it initially bothered me at first (hey, it was a 'new car' after all), but now I really don't even notice it. Besides, it'll look 'normal' soon enough since all of our windshields become sandblasted here in due time...where it's hot, windy, and sand's aplenty. ;)
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