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Windshield repair

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It's hard to believe my windshield is damaged. All the years I have been driving and I have never been the victim of a cracked or chipped windshield until now. I've only had my C three months and there are four places that are chipped...all are very small, rough places...only one looks like it might have the beginning of a "runner". On a road trip some gravel (or whatever) was (I guess) launched from some trucks onto my car. The trucks were not aggregate trucks; but, "regular" tractor trailers. I think it was debris on the road that they kicked was like a metorite was so loud I am surprised there wasn't more obvious damage.

Does anyone have experience repairing windshields? I seem to remember reading or listening to the radio about repairs that are now commonly made.

ON EDIT: This posting made me a senior member....sure hope I don't get a case of big headyist
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The windshields in these cars seem cheap. Mine is already sand blasted within 14k miles of what my Audi A4 windshield looked like at 50k.

It's only been driven through the desert once so far, and it was raining.... I think I need to polish it.
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