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ok, this may change, so get your orders in early,

This group buy is good at Wretched Motorsports, but we can arrange installs at any of our Pedders dealers. We have dealers across the country that can do your installation.

With that said,

Only the following kits are included, and are being discounted off of the already discounted prices that are listed.
Street 2
Track 1
Track 2
1% Off for every kit sold, Maxing out at 15% Off,
All Kits will ship either at the end of the month (Feb) or once the 15th Kit has been sold.
(This is being done with GTO's, G8's, Chargers, 300's, and Magnum's)
If you decide to have this kit installed at your local Pedders shop we can work out the details on that, please contact me with questions on this. I can have the kit drop shipped right to the shop and help in setting up an appointment with them.

*4 Springs and/or 4 Dampers, your choice
(2 front 2 rear)(per customer, not per order)
1% Off for every one sold on the group purchase Maxing at 25% Off(details below)

LX Extreme Sway Bar kits
1% Off for every kit sold, Maxing out at 15% Off,
This will work on entire sway bar kits only

Ordering Info,
Go to the Wretched Motorsports site, choose what you want to order, then use the check out on the site.
When you go to the payment screen you will see three options for payment,
1st is Credit Card Sales
2nd Is Paypal
3rd is Credit Card - Group Purchases

You will need to choose Credit Card Group Purchases in order to get in on the group purchase. If you choose the 1st option your order will ship next business day at full retail

Any questions pm me, or email me at rob at
I will have limited phone access for a while, and will have full email access.
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