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mspeasl said:

After retiring from Caterpillar Inc. a couple of years ago I wanted something to do and went to work for the local Chevrolet Dealer in their service department. I found that unless requested before your oil change, you will get whatever the house oil and weight is, if they use 20w 50 that’s what you will get. You have to remember that they do not use oil by the quart bottle; they use oil by the drum, that’s how they make money. So they will buy oil that is used by most cars and all cars will get it. That’s why I take my oil in and request the empty bottles back.
good point, i always take my own oil (also save all receipts) but in pit of my stomach im afraid that my syntec oil will be sustituted. finally found a dealer that has open bays so i can see them putting my oil in.
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