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You think the SRT-8 is underrated????

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Well get a look at this......

First off, I don't know why I just learned this (if these stats are true that is) because I'm such a car nut I should know these things, but a fellow forum member PM'd me about bench marking the SRT-8's performance against the likes of the AMG family and I came across this:


So let me get this straight....The similarly weighted, but only 16 more HP (if you consider the SRT-8 is underrated at 450HP which I believe it is) but a little more significantly out torqued E55 AMG does 12.5 in the QT BONE STOCK!!!!

The SRT-8's that are supercharged and injected with nitrous at around 500RWHP don't run this times.

So what gives? I can only say the E55 AMG is Also EXTREEEEMELY underrated.

What say you?
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I lined up with a 04 E55 several times. The car left solid, none or minimal tire spin. (left the srt8 like i was asleep). I think the computer and tranny have alot to do with this. I know if our cars left with minimal tire spin and no torque management, even more timing i think we would see mid 12 second runs.
Back in the early 90's when we were all runnin our Turbocharged Buicks real hard, it seem like for years someone was finding small modifications that made more and more power to those little 6's. Now you get a near bone stock with minimal mods into the low 12's high 11's. What im getting at is, im thinking we will see major improvements in acceleration when someone gets into the computers of our cars and do some minor mods.
Our cars dont have turbochargers? it sure feels like it.... HA!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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