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You think the SRT-8 is underrated????

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Well get a look at this......

First off, I don't know why I just learned this (if these stats are true that is) because I'm such a car nut I should know these things, but a fellow forum member PM'd me about bench marking the SRT-8's performance against the likes of the AMG family and I came across this:


So let me get this straight....The similarly weighted, but only 16 more HP (if you consider the SRT-8 is underrated at 450HP which I believe it is) but a little more significantly out torqued E55 AMG does 12.5 in the QT BONE STOCK!!!!

The SRT-8's that are supercharged and injected with nitrous at around 500RWHP don't run this times.

So what gives? I can only say the E55 AMG is Also EXTREEEEMELY underrated.

What say you?
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My wife and I just test drove a SLK 55 AMG the other day. This is a normally aspirated V8 AMG engine, but the car felt very solid and very fast. Since it was only 1 drive, I cannot give my feeling on under/over rated, but it felt very fast. The 7 speed tranny adds to some of this, so it would take some time in the seat to figure. Not sure of its weight, but it would easily out run our SRT-8 Magnum. It is on the short list for our next fun car.

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