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Zoomers Dual Exhaust for 3.5L V6

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Hey 300 members, The first V6 3.5L test car was just completed and it sounds awesome. DJ just left our shop a happy camper, look for his review and pics. later tonight.. Also "Ink" another So Cal local member stopped by to check it out and bought his on the spot. It's essentually the same as the 300C system except for the tips and a few extra parts needed to complete the system. The Sawed-off tips are the same design just shorter in length 7" compared to the Cannon tip 12" used on the 300C. I chose the shorter tips to get more sound out of the V6 and boy did it work...Still NO Drone or Cabin Resonance. The Mopar Parts needed are 2- 4581723 Bracket exhaust, 2- 4581790 Isolator Exhaust suspenders and 1- 4780894 Silencer Tunnel...In a nut shell 2 exhaust hangers and a heat shield for the drivers side under the gas tank. Oh yeah, I almost forgot 1- 2-1/4" stainless X-pipe. I used a Magnaflow it fits real nice in place of the stock y-pipe. Check out Dj's post later and see the before and after pic's. It does take a little handy work for the D.I.Y. crowd. Things like welding and some fab work as well as cut out's in the rear bumber. Right now I would like to gauge the interest in a true dual system for the 3.5L so if any So Cal locals like Ink want some duals we can do it in our shop right away. If the demand is there I think we can built it as a true bolt on. Gimmie some feed back members. Thanks, Ron
Zoomers Exhaust
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Sorry that I wasn't able to get these photos posted last night, but my wife and son surprised me yesterday evening by taking me out to dinner for my birthday. :party: :birthday: Well, one 'Mojito' after know the rest of the story.

I just finished uploading the 'after install' photos and the 'side-by-side' photos with forum member's (Ink) great-looking ride. I'm sure you'll agree that it certainly resulted in some great 'comparo' shots. :cool2:
Mr.DJ said:
Sorry that I wasn't able to get these photos posted last night, but my wife and son surprised me yesterday evening by taking me out to dinner for my birthday. :party: :birthday: Well, one 'Mojito' after know the rest of the story.

I just finished uploading the 'after install' photos and the 'side-by-side' photos with forum member's (Ink) great-looking ride. I'm sure you'll agree that it certainly resulted in some great 'comparo' shots. :cool2:

I sure do like those medium smoked tails (by Jon)...they'll definitely be one of my next mods. Thanks was sure nice meeting you and seeing your great-looking car yesterday. :wave:
HEMEEE said:
:birthday: Happy birthday Mr.DJ... mmm Mojitos!!
Congrats on the Zoomers, how do you like it?
Wow, three kudos in one reply....thanks Linda. :fest30:

The 'Zoomers' are great and are exactly what I was looking both appearance and sound. I'm sure that they've also probably added about 15-20 hp, as my car already seems much quicker than before. If nothing else, it at least looks and sounds a lot quicker. For those of you maybe contemplating this particular system, kidcoastal's sound clips will give you a pretty good idea of what my system sounds like as well. :cool2:

Fortunately for me, I was able to test them out on my 110 mile drive back home yesterday. They sound great upon acceleration and then quiet down when placed into cruise at 70mph on the freeway...definitely no 'drone', vibration, and/or other strange noises. Heck, I even received a compliment from the lady at the 133/241 tool booth. She said that my car looks and sounds very nice, and that she also likes the way my car "smells just liked roasted marshmallows". I advised her that I just had the new exhaust system installed and that the great aroma was probably just my exhaust system breaking-in...we both had a great laugh. :18:

The 'Zoomers' exhaust note has that desired growl at idle (but not too overwhelming), a tuned exhaust rumble during acceleration/deceleration, and it's extremely quite at sustained freeway speed (while in cruise). The 'Zoomers' system gives my car the look and sound conducive to the car's overall appearance, and is exactly what I've been looking for. The large exhaust tips look and sound mean, and certainly put the OEM 'wimpy' exhaust system to shame.

Since I've had the opportunity to have heard a few of the HEMI V8s equipped with the 'Zoomers', I can honestly say that my V6 system sounds pretty darn close...if not the same. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ron and the rest of the 'Zoomers' organization for designing such a great product and for doing such a clean/professional install. They're all a great group of people over there, and I'm sure that others will agree with me as well.

P.S. My 'Zoomers' exhaust system no longer smells liked roasted marshmallows...too bad, 'cause I like roasted marshmallows. :wink1:
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Darrenph1 said:
Getting install done next Saturday. If no one has done it by then I should be able to shoot a video with sound of the end product. I just next someone to host the file.

Go for it, as I'm pretty sure that 'Zoomers' forgot to shoot any video and/or record any sound they had their hands full handling their normal day-to-day business, while also completing my custom install. I was only able to take photos which I've since posted-up within this thread, as well as in my 'Photo Gallery'. I'm glad that you decided to have this system also installed in your'll definitely not regret it. :cool2:
Hey Ron,

I just wanted to let you know that I took my car into my 'Five Star' Chrysler dealer this morning to have the first oil/filter change performed (utilizing Mobil 1 5W20 synthetic oil). The service manager, service writers, parts manager, and several service techs were in awe of the 'Zoomers' custom dual exhaust system. They all commented on how clean and professional the install was and they also enjoyed the way the system sounds as compared to other systems they've heard, although mine was the first dual exhaust set-up that they've ever seen on any 'LX platform' vehicle equipped with the 3.5 liter HO V6 motor. :fing02:
ink said:
Well I finally got my Zoomer's custom dual exhaust on my 3.5L V6, and all I can say is WOW! Excellent sound, excellent customer service, and excellent results! You will not be dissappointed by this system. Just like everyone else drone, sound is awsome when you get on the throttle, and is nice and quite when just cruising. Check out the following links and see/hear for yourself (if the video turns blank then just refresh the page):

Startup, Rev and Idle


Local Driving

Freeway Driving

Let us know what you think!

Sounds/looks real good...once I got your host site 'buffering' under control. These videos might now also give those non-'Touring'/'Limited' owners, who didn't think that the 3.5L HO V6 motor was a 'beast' in its own right, a completely different opinion about our vehicles. Thanks for getting these video clips captured for me, as well as for the rest of those other owners who might be considering having this modification performed on their cars as well. I personally think the custom dual set-up was the only way to go, as it just looks, fits, and sounds just right on our '300 series' models. :fing02:

P.S. I also got a chance to see what your tinted tails look like when utilized during the daytime...thanks. :cool2:
ink said:
yea sorry about the 'buffering', Im by no means a web guy so I did my best to set it up. I wish I knew how to make it a flash project like kidcoastal did......maybe you can help me out kid?? :D I know Ron wants it for his webpage too.

I'm certainly no web guy either, nor do I even own a digital video camera. I think you did a great job capturing the audio/video, and it truly gives the viewer an honest representation of what our 'Zoomers' system sounds like. Getting kidcoastal's input is definitely a good idea, as he already did a great job on the 'Zoomers' website. Thanks again for taking your time in getting the audio/video captured for the rest of us. :You_Rock_
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