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Zoomers Dual Exhaust for 3.5L V6

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Hey 300 members, The first V6 3.5L test car was just completed and it sounds awesome. DJ just left our shop a happy camper, look for his review and pics. later tonight.. Also "Ink" another So Cal local member stopped by to check it out and bought his on the spot. It's essentually the same as the 300C system except for the tips and a few extra parts needed to complete the system. The Sawed-off tips are the same design just shorter in length 7" compared to the Cannon tip 12" used on the 300C. I chose the shorter tips to get more sound out of the V6 and boy did it work...Still NO Drone or Cabin Resonance. The Mopar Parts needed are 2- 4581723 Bracket exhaust, 2- 4581790 Isolator Exhaust suspenders and 1- 4780894 Silencer Tunnel...In a nut shell 2 exhaust hangers and a heat shield for the drivers side under the gas tank. Oh yeah, I almost forgot 1- 2-1/4" stainless X-pipe. I used a Magnaflow it fits real nice in place of the stock y-pipe. Check out Dj's post later and see the before and after pic's. It does take a little handy work for the D.I.Y. crowd. Things like welding and some fab work as well as cut out's in the rear bumber. Right now I would like to gauge the interest in a true dual system for the 3.5L so if any So Cal locals like Ink want some duals we can do it in our shop right away. If the demand is there I think we can built it as a true bolt on. Gimmie some feed back members. Thanks, Ron
Zoomers Exhaust
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:birthday: Happy birthday Mr.DJ... mmm Mojitos!!
Congrats on the Zoomers, how do you like it?
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